As an artist, craftsperson or professional artisan working and living in County Dublin or as a member of a Dublin Collective you can sell the following items, in accordance with item (13) in our Terms and Conditions.

“13. If you seek to sell products, then all goods sold as handcrafted must be deemed not to have been produced through mass production methods and must be the original design or produce of the seller. See What can I sell on DublinMarketplace for our policy on what is allowed for sale.”

All work must be your own original idea, created or handcrafted by you as a professional artisan, including but not limited to;

  1. Works of art (painting, sketches, drawing)
  2. Pottery
  3. Leather Craft
  4. Metal Work
  5. Jewellery
  6. Textile Art
  7. Candle-Making
  8. Soap Making
  9. Millinery
  10. Wool Craft
  11. Sculptures
  12. Quilting
  13. Jewellery Making
  14. Hand Illustrations
  15. Ceramics
  16. Glasswork
  17. Weaving

This list may be updated by from time-to-time due to the nature of artwork and craft design.

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