Fuzzy Wuzzy Christmas TeddyGruBears

Fuzzy Wuzzy Christmas TeddyGruBears


100% Handmade, Artist designed One-of-a-kind (OOAK) traditionally jointed Teddy bears by TeddyGruBear.

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***** Beige Fuzzy Wuzzy SOLD *****

HOHOHO... 3 FuzzyWuzzy Christmas Teddy bears!

€75 each

All Fuzzy Wuzzy Teddy bears have been designed and handmade by TeddyGruBear, using the highest quality Steiff - Schulte (German manufacturer) Mohair (purple and beige) and Alpaca (pink) fur.

They are all cotter jointed (head, arms and legs), and filled with a combination of wood wool and pure sheep wool.

The all have hand embroidered faces and "claws".

Purple and pink Fuzzy Wuzzy have black glass eyes and beige Fuzzy Wuzzy has grey glass eyes.

Pink FuzzyWuzzy also comes to you with her red antique mohair heart attached to her tummy.

Each Fuzzy Wuzzy comes to you wearing his deep red Santa hat, and a scarf of rabbit fur (upcycled - no rabbits were harmed in the making of any TeddyGruBears!!) with either a single large real brass Tibetan Prayer Bell, or in the case of the pink Fuzzy Wuzzy 4 small Tibetan Prayer Bells.   - and each hat has a small real brass Tibetan Prayer Bell at the end of their hat.


They all weigh between 117 grams and 209 grams, and each one is 20cm tall, and sits at 13cm high.

A really precious little FuzzyWuzzy Christmas teddy makes the perfect Christmas present for someone you love - including just for you!!

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Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 30 cm


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